Keep an eye on your expenses & save money

People save 10% more from their income by monitoring their expenses

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Monthly Reports

We will analyze your monthly expenses for you. This will help you understand your money flow and save more by knowing how much you spend on things you don't need.

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Spending Limits

Want to save even more? Set spending limits for each category. It doesn't mean you can't spend more, but seeing how much money do you have will help you prepare for the future expenses.

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More than 27% of people forget about paying for subscriptions or don't know about monthly fees in their bank account. We're here to help you catch those things, never miss future subscriptions and cancel those you don't need.

Image that shows how monthly reports feature works in the app

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us try to answer common questions about our app

What is the purpose of the Personal Expenses App?

The Personal Expenses App is designed to help you manage your finances effectively by tracking your expenses, monitoring subscriptions, generating monthly expense reports, setting monthly limits for specific categories, calculating days until your next salary, and providing flexibility with custom categories and unlimited wallets.

Can I get monthly expense reports with the app?

Yes, we provide monthly expense reports. These reports contain total income, expense, and transfer. We also provide a table with information how much you've spent for each category.

Is it possible to set monthly limits for specific expense categories?

Absolutely. The app empowers you to establish monthly spending limits for individual expense categories. You will see that progress bar is changing colors when you approach or exceed these limits, enabling better control over your budget.

Can I create custom expense categories in the app?

Yes, you have the flexibility to create custom categories that align with your specific spending habits. This allows for a more personalized and accurate representation of your financial transactions.

Are there any restrictions on the number of wallets I can create in the app?

No, the app allows you to create an unlimited number of wallets. This feature is especially useful if you want to separate funds for different purposes.