Never Miss Subscriptions Again

  • We added a new feature called subscriptions. This will allow you to keep track of your monthly expenses for things like Netflix, Spotify, bank account fee, etc.

Screenshot of subscriptions feature

Set Limits by Category

  • Now you could set monthly limits for any category
  • See how much money is left for each category
  • We automatically calculate unplanned expenses as well

Screenshot of monthly reports feature

Let's make it beautiful

  • We’re planning to redesign our application with a new set of colors and completely custom designs. For now, we’ve redesigned dashboard page only but we’ll do more in the future.
  • New section with your total money that will help you know how much money you have by each currency.

Screenshot of redesigned dashboard page

Say hello to Monthly Reports

  • New monthly reports page will help you analyze your expenses for each category

Beginning of our journey

  • Track income, expense and transfer transactions
  • Plan and track future expenses
  • See how many days left before salary
  • Create as many wallets as you want
  • Use any currency you have

Screenshot of wallet page with list of transactions and analytics